Why Wooden Watches

Why Wooden Watches

Over the last few years, Climate Change has been headline news across the world (until Covid-19 came along) and it has highlighted areas around the world where natural disasters have become a lot more common place. From melting ice poles in the Antarctic to wildfires across Africa and Australia and beyond there has been an effort from G7 Summit to actively tackle and fight this before it goes beyond repair.

So what can we do over here at Attah Watches to play our part? Well, we have introduced wooden watches to our collection which we are sure you'll appreciate. 

So, why wooden watches? Let's look at the benefits:

- They are made from natural renewable sources which means less impact on the environment.

- As they are made from wood they can be reused and recycled resulting in a lower carbon footprint.

- Once you put this watch on your wrist you'll notice how lightweight they are. Even though this is the case they are still durable and strong. 

_ As we should all know, tress absorb carbon dioxide which lowers the carbon footprint of wood.

- It works very well in heat due to its makeup which means you do not get the sweaty feel between the watch and your skin as you normally do on other types of watches such as stainless steel.

-When our wooden watches are made, the offcuts are used elsewhere to make other items so there is little wastage when manufacturing wooden watches.


 One of our proudest achievements is that we always contribute a percentage of each wooden watch sold to a charity that plants trees. Regularly donation to One Tree Planted helps us achieve our goals and every customer who purchases from us will receive a certificate stating where their tree has been planted.

boy with baby trees


 To finish off your Watch and to finalise the uniqueness of it we have introduced the ability to personalise your wooden watch. Have you ever needed or wanted to personalise a watch for him? or her? or for mum or dad? You can do this with us when you hit that 'Personalize It' button. There you can add any image you like to your watch such as a pattern that you have seen and love or an image of a loved one as a special gift.

Why don't you give it a go at https://attahwatches.com/collections/personalised-watches and design a watch cover just for you.


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